AstanaBuild Construction Exhibition as the Largest Platform to Present New Technologies and Materials

On 18-20 May 2011, Korme Exhibition Complex in Astana will be hosting the 13th AstanaBuild 2011 Specialised Construction Exhibition.

AstanaBuild International Exhibition has been held in the capital of Kazakhstan since 1999. It is the most comprehensive construction project in the northern and central regions of Kazakhstan. For many years, AstanaBuild has been a promotion platform where the world-known companies demonstrate the most advanced construction technologies, equipment, materials, components, and services.

AstanaBuild 2011 will feature 150 direct and distant exhibitors from 15 countries including Belarus, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The exhibition area is traditionally divided into topical sections, such as: Pavilion A – Construction; Interiors; Windows, Doors and Façades; Ceramics and Stone; Road Construction; and Pavilion B – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; and Sanitary Ware.

It is for the first time in 2011 that an outdoor exposition will be open at Korme Exhibition Complex. This open platform will be used to demonstrate large-sized equipment and electric tools.

AstanaBuild 2011 is an excellent opportunity to get accurate and reliable information about the construction materials market, the latest developments of top national companies, and production technologies. The exhibition area covers a wide variety of construction materials used for construction of modern buildings and structures, as well as interior and exterior finish.

Exhibition Sections:
Construction – tools, hardware; electrical items; building materials and equipment; landscaping; roofing materials and technologies; Interiors – finishing materials; window decoration and decorative textile; paints; floor cover; lighting; interior doors; Heating and Ventilation, Sanitary Ware – heating; ventilation; air conditioning; sewerage, pipes, fittings; sanitary ware; water supply; baths, saunas, swimming pools; Windows and Doors, Façades – window technologies; glass technologies; aluminium technologies; façade architecture; gates and automation; doors and locks, accessories; Ceramics and Stone – ceramics, equipment and technologies for ceramics industry; Road Construction – road design and construction, road construction machinery and equipment.

Alongside with AstanaBuild 2011, Pavilion B will be hosting HomeStyle Astana 2011 – Your Home Style Exhibition, which will present household appliances, furniture, tableware and home textiles.

Exhibiting Companies:
220 Volt, Alias Valve Group, Aquatherm, CAD.KZ, Cansan, Durocem, Dyo, Enki, Entre, Fisanta, Flex Doccia Srl, Gold World, Hidria, Iron Plast, Interfiks, Kinlong, Kompen, Kosedag, Lazaridis Marmor, Mammuttihirsi, Metidea, Nitistone, Novarreda S.R.L, Nord Prom NS, Oventrop, Paschal, Real Windows Films, Reckli GmbH, Rockwool Rus, Rubinetteria Bugnatese Srl, Sang Saz Renan, Tabys VS, Tecwill Oy, Teploenergotrade, Youngsan Kazakhstan, Ulma Construccion Polska, Zenith, Vexve Oy, VTS Kazakhstan, Wl-Astana/Wawin Labko, Alit, AIF, Armstroy PV, Astana-Trading SK, Associacija proizvoditelej mebeli g. Cheljabinska, Atmosfer Vent, Akvatoriya-NS, Bars Nord, Broen, Vektor 7, Vergun, Vesta PK, Vorota-Servis, Viessmann, Geolab, Damu Snab, Dvernaja Moda Kazahstan, Doorhan-Astana, Evrostil', Evroton, Edinstvo TD, Zhartas, Zodchiy TPD, Insi, Inter Pipe/Zhakko, Interpribor, Interskol-Asia, Kazstrojsteklo, Kanevskoj zavod gazovoj apparatury, Kelet, Kemma, Kerameya, Knauf Gips Kapchagaj, Korrus-Tech, Kredmash Servis, Krokos Pljus, Kural-Astana, Luks-Dekor, Maya fabrika mebeli, Mamyr, Master-Klass Stroj, MDO Servis Kaspi, Meteleva IP, Mizhen, Monolit Stroy 2020, Mogilevliftmash, Musahmetova IP, Oven, Omvent, Penetron-Kazakhstan, Petropavlovskiy Zavod Stroitel'nyh Materialov, Piastrella, Promstroycontract A, Profnastil, Pyatyi Ugol, Polialpan, Robud, Sanlit, Samal-NS, Santehprodukt, Sibpromkomplekt, Svetopribor, Specjelektra, Standartpack Ural, Stesa-Kazahstan, Stolichnaja Steklopaketnaja Kompaniya, Stroitehindustriya Astana, Teksan Aydynlatma, Tehsnabelektrik, Tisma, Ural'skij Trubnyj Zavod, Fundeks Rossia, CNT Vissmann, Shevron Munay Gaz, Elektrokomplekt-1, Eksprof, Entroros, Epik, Elekt, Energostrojmontazhsvjaz, and many others.

On 18-21 May, AstanaBuild 2011 will be featuring a comprehensive business programme. All professionals are welcome to participate in workshops and presentations covering the following topics: Energy-Saving Construction: Isover Multi-Comfort House Concept, Energy-Saving Building Components with Viessmann Ventilation System, Shuko Energy-Saving Windows, DoorHan Products, etc.

In addition, on 19 May 2011, the 1st National Conference on Reforming Kazakhstan Technical Construction Regulations organised by ITECA in cooperation with the Kazakh Research and Experimental Institute for Anti-Seismic Construction (KazNIISSA) will be held at the Rixos President Astana Hotel. The key subject for discussion is development of new national construction codes similar to European ones supported by the national schedules and relevant associated documents.

The conference delegates represented by members of the Senate, management of the Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, managers of central and regional State Architectural and Construction Supervision Committees, top managers of major design and construction companies, relevant non-governmental and professional associations and organisations will visit AstanaBuild 2011 on 19 May 2011.

The AstanaBuild 2010 poll results show that 70% of exhibitors demonstrated their innovations and found new customers: they concluded contracts and established business partnerships. For instance, 20% of AstanaBuild 2010 exhibitors concluded contracts right at the exhibition. 70% of the last year’s event visitors were construction professionals. The organisers express confidence that the number of professional visitors will increase this year.

Official support for the project is provided by the Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana City Akimat, and Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan.
Information support for AstanaBuild 2011 is provided by Kazakhstan and Russian newspapers: Gazeta Besplatnykh Obyavleniy Pavlodara; Delovoi Kazakhstan; Iz Ruk v Ruki; Inform-Vest; Capital.KZ; Nedvizhimost; Stroitelny Vestnik; Stroitelnaya Pravda; magazines: MRS; Vira!; Akademiya Komforta; Arkhitektura i Stroitelstvo; Business.KZ; Biznes Spektr Kazakhstana; Delovoi Mir; Zhilishchnoye Stroitelstvo; Industriya Kazakhstana; Kommunalnoye Khozyaistvo; Kvartirny Vopros + Digest PRO Kazakhstan; Menedzhment Kachestva; Stroitelnye Materialy; StroyBiznes; Stroy-Info; Stroyka NEW; StroyK; STRON; Uralskiy Mebelshchik; Energetika i Kommunalnoye Khozyaistvo RK; publishing houses: Zolotoi Telenok; Sary-Arka; Akarman; web resources:,,,,,,, EuroBAK Association, and many others.
The event is organised by ITECA Kazakhstan Exhibition Company and its international partners: ITE Group Plc (UK), GIMA (Germany), and EUF A.S. (Turkey).
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