23rd Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
24-26 May 2023

Feedback from AstanaBuild 2022 exhibitors

Marat Baitasov, Head of Plastmak

The impressions of participation in the AstanaBuild exhibition were only positive. The exhibition is held at a high level, this is a significant event for our city, for our capital. We will perform in the coming years. As for the interest of visitors, we are satisfied. Our promo code worked very well, our company took first place in attracting visitors, there were a lot of target audiences in three days. I am glad that the interest in equipment for the production of plastic and aluminum windows in Kazakhstan is very large. Our company is engaged in the supply of equipment from Turkey to Kazakhstan, that is, for visitors to the AstanaBuild exhibition, we offer to purchase high-quality equipment for a reasonable fee.

Tatyana Sergeyeva, brand manager of Raduga Paint and Varnish Plant

The impressions of participation in the AstanaBuild exhibition are quite good. The organization is of high quality, we were visited by many visitors, during the days of the exhibition we have collected many useful contacts, including designers and industrial developers. We are satisfied. We interested the audience of other expositions, who were also interested in our novelties. All three days we held a master class, which provided a large number of visitors. Everyone could try our products and see how easy it is to apply. I advise you to hold master classes and presentations right at your stand, and you will always have the audience. People love to experience it for themselves.

Andron Oganesov, Deputy Director of AVANSUM

The impressions of participation in the AstanaBuild exhibition are only positive. I want to express my gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a grandiose event. We are the first time on the territory of Kazakhstan, we are surprised by the interest in our products. We have already opened representative offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan, so we are ready to start cooperation with developers, with other entrepreneurs in the construction industry. Our plant solves the issues of construction of any format in terms of the volume of products produced and the breadth of the lines. Starting from standard, budget options, ending with premium class, domed glazing. Also this year we are introducing the production of wooden windows. Therefore, one supplier - one solution. The attendance of the audience was very active, we had 150 catalogs prepared as planned, all 150 catalogs were sorted out on the first day, that is, the traffic of our stand is good. We even received an award for this. There were a lot of profile requests, we held negotiations, during the exhibition we immediately made online calculations, within an hour we designed full-scale projects. During the days of the exhibition, primarily oral and 2 written agreements for cooperation were concluded.

Christina Yevstegneyeva, PR manager of Mogilefliftmash

AstanaBuild exhibition made a favorable impression, we expected even less effect. There were a lot of contacts, a lot of contracts were concluded, we found a lot of potential clients, with whom we plan to continue our business relations in the future, develop and we generally see great potential in Kazakhstan. Therefore, every year we try to participate in this exhibition. The exhibition is really organized at the highest level, the organizers did their best, there are no nuances, so we will continue to actively participate in the future. I think that the success of participation depends largely on the preparation for this event. It is necessary to send out newsletters so that as many potential customers as possible come to your stand. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then you need to do preliminary work, work out your field, invite more visitors in order for it to be a really effective exhibition, and not just go and wait for visitors. You need to work on your own, without shifting all responsibility to the organizers. Also important, of course, is the stand. There was a time when we came only with brochures, with catalogs, but we understand that this is not as effective as exhibiting samples. Therefore, this time we presented a rather large sample - a 1,000 kg ton cabin. Indeed, this is a “wow effect”, and it is it who attracts the audience to our stand. Therefore, we advise beginners to bring visual samples with them. It really helps to attract potential clients.