Logo RuchaikaRuchaika OJSC is a modern developing enterprise, which is part of Bellegprom concern of the Republic of Belarus. The company produces a wide range of high-quality products, including different types of yarn, technical and decorative fabrics, materials impregnated with PVC compositions, roofing material.

The uniqueness of the enterprise lies in the fact that it is the only one in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest in the CIS producer of technical fabrics, such as tent material, material for mine ventilation, roofing membrane, waterproofing material. The company’s products are widely known outside the Republic of Belarus. About 70% of products are exported to the CIS countries, near and far abroad. The high level of material production organization is confirmed by the certificate of conformity of the quality management system of the Standard of the Republic of Belarus ISO 9001-2009.

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1. The tent material of Ruchaika OJSC is a three-layer PVC material reinforced with a fabric (base) made of polyether technical threads, varnished on one or both sides.

Scope of application of tent materials:

  • production of architectural and frame structures, frame and tent structures, hangars, summer cafes, tentage, trade pavilions, temporary storage warehouses, insulating bowls for swimming pools, etc.;
  • production of autotents, inflatable trampolines, attractions, tubings (cheesecakes);
  • for curtains, bed curtain, shelters and other technical purposes.

2. The roofing membrane produced by Ruchaika OJSC is a material reinforced with polyester fabric with a three-layer application of PVC composition, varnished on both sides.

Roofing membrane is a modern material that waterproofs the roofing pie from precipitation, condensate and steam accumulation in the insulation. The roofing material is designed for the installation and repair of a single-layer coating of the non-exploited roof of buildings and structures for various purposes: industrial, public and residential, as well as for waterproofing ground storage facilities, coatings of tanks, landfills, and other technical purposes.

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3. Ruchaika OJSC produces material for mine ventilation, which is a fabric base made of polyether technical threads, with a plasticized polyvinyl chloride coating applied on both sides with special additives. Materials for mine ventilation, designed for the producing of flexible ventilation pipes used in coal mines and pits of the mining industry, including dangerous in terms of concentration of gas and dust.

4. Ruchaika OJSC produces geotextiles used for the construction of roads and other surfaces with heavy traffic, railways, earthworks, foundations and retaining structures, waste disposal areas, in anti-erosion protection (protection and strengthening of banks). Geotextiles produced by Ruchaika OJSC can perform the following functions: filtration, separation, strengthening.

Tehnicheskie tkani

Geofabric of Ruchaika OJSC has high tensile strength characteristics, good water permeability and filtration. Taking into account these technical characteristics, geotextiles produced by Ruchaika OJSC are widely used in construction to increase the bearing capacity and strength of soil foundations and structures. Geotextile is an environmentally friendly product and does not harm the environment.

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