23rd Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
24-26 May 2023


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Silikat LLP is the flagship in the Republic of Kazakhstan among the enterprises for the production of sand-lime bricks. The company has produced a number of bricks since its founding, which is comparable to a city with a population of over 500 thousand people. M-200 Brand Silicate Brick, size 250*120*88, full-bodied, facing. Colors: white, yellow. Individual approach to each client.


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The annual capacity of the enterprise is 60 million pieces of sand-lime bricks. Production of Silikat LLP is made on the latest equipment of the latest generation of German manufacturers. This makes it possible to match the perfect geometry of the brick.

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All processes are controlled by the QCD. The quality of bricks corresponds to the interstate standard "Bricks, stones, blocks and partition silicate slabs" 379-2015. The brand of production output is "150-200", and the frost resistance is 50 cycles. The weight of one brick is 4.7-4.8 kg. Stability of product quality indicators is confirmed by annually updated quality certificates, which are issued according to the results of tests carried out by the Building Materials and Constructions Test Center of National Expertise and Certification Center JSC.

A full list of products and services can be found on the official website of the company: www.silikatsemey.kz



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