23rd Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
24-26 May 2023


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Alina Group is a diversified holding company founded in 1989, engaged in the development of various business sectors. It is the leader in the production of building materials and paint and varnish products in Central Asia, the Company's brands occupy 60% of the market share.

Alina Group of Companies is a full production cycle from extraction of raw materials to the wall in the apartment of our end buyer, impeccable credit history, 19 branches in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, 14 plants.

Facts of Alina Group:

  • 32 years on the Eurasian market
  • 19 trade branches in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic
  • 3,500 employees
  • 5 industries
  • 10 famous brands
  • More than 50 Kazakhstani and international awards
  • President and founder of Alina Group recognized as one of the 3 best CEOs of Kazakhstan
  • Alina Group is in the top 7 National Competitiveness Champions of Kazakhstan

Company achievements:

2002 - Choice of the Year Award at Kazakhstan's Best Products Contest
2002 - Received a gold medal at the "Stroysib" Exhibition in Novosibirsk for a wide range and production of dry mixes from local raw materials.
2004 - Received a gold medal at "StroySib" Exhibition in Novosibirsk for the production of dry building mixes and the professional promotion of products at the construction market in Russia.
2014 - Winner at "Innovative Construction" Exhibition in Chelyabinsk
2014 - Prize in "Best Goods of Kazakhstan" Exhibition in Almaty
2019 - Yerlik Balfanbayev, President of Alina Group of Companies, was recognized as "2019 Country's Best CEOs" - one of the top three CEOs in Kazakhstan.

PGP Alina

AlinEX GPB is a gypsum or silicate panel used to install interior and other partition walls. The accuracy and ease of installation are provided by the spikes and grooves available at the ends, that allow precise alignment of the blocks with each other. Gypsum partition blocks are of two types: solid and hollow. The hollow ones are easier to transport and install, they are easier to install wires and other communications, without the need to groove. The GPB walls do not require plastering, when wallpapering, do not require and puttying. Blocks of size 667x500x80 are available. Production plant in Kazakhstan, Taraz.

Smesi AlinEX

AlinEX dry mixes are a symbol of the highest quality raw materials, proven technology and recognized leadership. Throughout the brand development the production of products focused on producing mixes that are safe for health, do not contain heavy metals and toxic additives. The scope of application of AlinEX dry building mixes is extensive: masonry, plaster, tiling, waterproofing, thermal insulation, decorative works, flooring, caulking and other...

The full list of products can be found on the official website of the company, and by subscribing to the Instagram page, you can get the latest information on new products, promotions, etc.

Website: www.alina.kz

Instagram: @alinex.official 



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