23rd Kazakhstan International Building & Interior Exhibition
24-26 May 2023

Adhesive tapes for special purposes, protective, marking tapes, adhesive tapes with logo

Glass fiber reinforced adhesive tape, packaging tape, frost resistant adhesive tape, TPL reinforced adhesive tape

Logo BrendlentaThe company produces packaging adhesive tape for industrial corrugated packaging, paper gluing, various films and other packaging operations, and technical adhesive tapes are widely used in industry and everyday life.

Speclenti- Adhesive tape with company’s logo, promotional tape, both surface and interlayer printing;
- Packaging, freeze-proof adhesive tape;
- Reinforced adhesive tape TPL;
- Masking tape (КРЕПП);

upakovochnie lentifirmen skotch








- Aluminum adhesive tape;
- Metallized adhesive tape;
- Two-side scotch tape PET, two-side paper-based scotch tape
- Double-sided tape on a fabric basis, double-sided foam tape;
- Glass fiber reinforced adhesive tape.

All products are certified and have positing feedbacks and references from customers.

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