Smart locks to be installed in Astana residential complexes

ASTANA – Smart locks will be introduced in the capital’s residential complexes, reports

24 01 2019ast 01

A new mobile application will allow users to access courtyards, parking and apartments with a single electronic key. Access may be extended to guests via e-mail or short message services (SMS). The app is suitable for all types of premises, including offices and residential apartments, said Yerlan Khassenbekov, the chairperson of one of the capital’s house maintenance firms (KSK).

“Residents who drive usually have a separate device for the parking lot and building entrances. With the mobile app, users will have a single electronic key to enter and exit spaces. This is highly convenient for residents in particular, which is of the greatest importance,” he added.

“You can apply the single electronic key to wherever you want to digitise access and remain aware of the people who have passed through, which will be very clearly visible. This provides us with safety and security, which is very applicable to KSK… and may reduce the number of thefts in apartments,” said Daniyar Tipeyev, the project’s co-founder who developed the app within a matter of months.

Smart locks from August, Friday, Kwikset, Nest, Nuki, Schlage and Yale have become increasingly popular abroad. Still, competition from more than 100 international manufacturers of smart locks does not faze the Astana project team.

“How are we different? Other manufacturers of smart locks often have their own app and key for each lock. Our application is universal. We connect to any lock and system, and all locks may be managed through one application,” he noted.

The app developers are currently forging e-KSK partnerships and negotiating with the capital’s construction companies before the official launch.

Residential safety is one of the many areas in Kazakhstan undergoing digital transformation. Within five years, the Digital Kazakhstan state programme aims to digitise parts of the economy, government and human capital development and implement a Digital Silk Road and innovative ecosystem.



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