A Cement Making Plantwill be commissionedin Karaganda Regionin 2015

Karaganda. September 18.INTERFAX-KAZAKHSTAN – a Plantforfire-resistantandspecial cement brandsproduction, will be put intooperation in Saran city of Karaganda region in 2015.

At the meeting of the Investing ActivitiesCommittee the head of the Region NurmukhambetAbdibekov charged the mayor of Saran with taking control overthe realization ofthe project, implemented within the framework of the Industrialization Map, as was stated by the press service of the head of the Region.

At the meeting the Head ofthe Department of industryand industrially-innovativedevelopment TolegenIgembaevstated, "The production of fire-resistantandspecial cement brands at full capacity is planned by the Factory of "Geopolymer" LLP in 2016. Estimated capacity of the enterprise is105 thousandtons of cementper year, which will help tomeet the needs ofconstruction companies in this product throughout the whole territory of Karaganda Region".

Anthropogenic mineral formations of the metallurgical plant of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC will be used as the mainraw materialforthisFactory. As of today, assembly and installation ofindustrial sites for technological equipment is carried out, including sites for unloading anddrying of raw materials, dosing and mixing of chemical components. Own substation has been mounted and work is underwayto connectto power grids.

Summing up the meeting N.Abdibekov stated, "I charge the Department of Industryand Industrially-InnovativeDevelopment together with ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC with considering the issue of ensuring the necessary amount ofraw materials for the Cement Making Plant, which is under construction".

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