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Döcke Asia is the official distributor of the Döcke brand in Kazakhstan. For more than 19 years, the Döcke brand has been one of the leaders in the Russian market of manufacturers of materials for country house construction, namely: vinyl siding, polymer facade panels, PVC drainage systems, attic stairs and flexible bitumen tiles.

We offer, first of all, high-quality and beautiful goods for a large army of country property owners who want to equip their home beautifully and reliably. Döcke places special emphasis on product quality and high standards of customer service.

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The facade of a building or house should look noble, be resistant to temperature changes, mechanical stress, and should not fade in the sun. All these requirements are met by Döcke siding, which combines the highest quality and aesthetic appearance. The material from which it is made has high strength and resistance to different temperature conditions.

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Döcke brand facade panels will appeal to everyone who is looking for the optimal solution for a quick and budget-friendly renovation of facade that will last a long time (50-year guarantee) and will delight the eye all this time. Döcke's basement siding collections accurately reproduce surfaces from natural rock to smooth brick. Imitation cannot be distinguished from natural material, even if you come close to it. This effect is the result of 3D modeling technology and a carefully thought-out three-stage painting process.

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The newest word in the field of roofing materials is soft bitumen tiles, which are especially durable, practical and visually attractive. Soft bitumen tiles are a convenient, modern and high-tech solution for anyone interested in long-term investments and quality construction.

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The Döcke drainage system is one of the best solutions for arranging any roof. It is made from high quality polyvinyl chloride (primary raw materials only) and is highly durable and completely resistant to corrosion. Its main advantage is durability. Manufacturer’s warranty against deformation is 25 years.

A complete list of products and services can be found on the company’s official websites: Docke.asia and Docke.ru


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