Conditions of participation

May 22, 2013


in category «Innovation in the construction market of Kazakhstan, 2012-2013»


Professional Recognition Award will be held on May 22, 2013 in the framework of the 15th anniversary Kazakh International Exhibition for Construction AstanaBuild 2013.

The competition is intended for construction and finishing materials represented in Kazakh market. Producers, distributors, and retailers of construction and finishing materials can be in for the competition. The Participants shall prepare required documentation for products to be exhibited before April 15, 2013.

The competitive product will be judged in absentia by the award panel by from the set of documents submitted in advance.

The award panel is represented by independent experts in the field of architecture and design, governmental organizations working in the field of innovation in construction, designers and architects of Kazakhstan.

Requirements for the exhibited product:

  1. Product shall comply with the concept of the "innovation";
  2. Product shall have been presented to the Kazakh market no more than one year;
  3. Product shall have been in the global market no more than 5 years;
  4. Product shall comply with the AstanaBuild exhibition's topics.

The main criteria for the exhibited product evaluation:

  1. Product innovativeness;
  2. Product producibility;
  3. Demand for the product;
  4. Environmental friendliness of the product.
* The expert award panel and competition organizers can make the necessary changes and additions to the requirements for the competitive product and main criteria of evaluation. If necessary, such changes shall be made before the start of the competition, in this case all the participants will be notified in advance of the introduction of any amendments and changes.
According to the results of the competition the winners will be decided, whose products will actually correspond to the concept of innovative products and outscore according to the main criteria.
All the participants of the competition will be presented with commemorative diplomas of participation, and the winners of the competition (first, second and third ranks) will be awarded medals and honorary diplomas at the official evening reception, dedicated to the opening of AstanaBuild2013.


  1. Extensive advertising of your new products;
  2. Publication of information about the product in the catalog of new products (the catalog is distributed to participants and visitors, and presented to the VIP delegation);
  3. Publication of information about the new product on website of AstanaBuild 2012 exhibition;
  4. Mention of the company and product in the press-release of AstanaBuild 2012 exhibition;
  5. Coverage of the competition results on the official website;
  6. Sustaining a positive brand image of your company;
  7. Official diploma of the participation;
  8. Opportunity to pick up an award for the innovative product.
  1. Application for participation in the competition;
  2. Product description (maximum 1 printed page, A4);
  3. Applicable scope of the product (maximum 0.5 printed page, A4);
  4. Product specifications (maximum 1 printed page, A4);
  5. Brief description of the technology and materials used (maximum 0.5 printed page, A4);
  6. Specific application of the product, if any (maximum 0.5 printed page, A4);
  7. Scanned copies of certificates of compliance - international, CIS, local, if any and if applicable, - proof of the quality (main only);
  8. Description of the innovation, wherein it lies (maximum 0.5 printed page, A4)
* All the documents shall be submitted in electronic form
Application Deadline: April 15, 2013.