ROAD CONSTRUCTION is a specialised section of the AstanaBuild International Exhibition, which brings together every year international and local companies manufacturing and supplying construction, road construction and excavation equipment and machinery and weight lifting machinery and equipment. This section serves as a professional platform to present the latest road construction equipment and solutions with a mission to support the integrated development of the road and transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan and unlock the regional potential based on efficient use of the local and global best practices in development and manufacturing.

Subdivisions of ROAD CONSTRUCTION:

  • Engineering and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • halt concrete factories
  • d construction and excavation equipment and machinery
  • icipal machinery and equipment
  • lding machinery and equipment
  • go handling machinery and equipment: cranes, excavators, loaders, land levellers, earthmovers, and mini excavators
  • erials and structures for construction, maintenance and repairs of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • cial machinery and equipment
  • re parts and components for machinery and equipment
  • ffic tools: road signs, traffic lights, highway striping, and guard rails
  • er