HEAT AND VENT, WATER SUPPLY AND SANITARYWARE SYSTEMS is a specialised section of the AstanaBuild International Exhibition.

Each year, the Heating Equipment section presents the latest technology and innovations. From feedbacks, 57% of visitors have discovered a lot of new and interesting things for themselves and their businesses – new technology, designing practices, trends, successful partnerships and other. Indeed, being the largest section of AstanaBuild, Heating is an efficient ground, where company can present a new product or a service to a large professional audience.

Another interesting section is Vent and Air Conditioning, which is closely connected with Heating. The market of climate control equipment grows every year. Air conditioners and air conditioning systems are demanded by more and more business entities and industrial facilities and individuals as well willing to upgrade their apartments and houses. This is a proof of favourable conditions for air condition manufacturers and sellers. Today, air conditioners and air conditioning systems are an integral part of any comfortable house. The Air Conditioning section is the venue where visitors will see not only air conditioners and air conditioning systems, but also the latest developments in energy saving and environmentally safe use of energy, innovations for rational use of natural resources and energy efficiency technologies.

It is very apt that AstanaBuild includes the Water Supply section. This section covers various aspects associated with upgrading the water treatment processes, water supply systems, centralised control systems for villages and autonomous systems for individual houses and cottages. Also, the Water Supply section will be of interest for those concerned of environmental safety of the water supply systems in a residential compound or a cottage.

It is integrity that is the key feature of AstanaBuild. Such sections as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply are closely interconnected. Since the exhibitors participating in different sections will have their stands close to each other, any visitor will find matching equipment presented in the AstanaBuild 2013 sections. This is very convenient as you can conclude new agreements and find reliable partners in the same place at the same time without waiting for a relevant thematic event, for instance, a heating exhibition.


  • Automatic control systems
  • Fittings and valves
  • Water treatment, water supply and water conditioning
  • Gas burners and boilers
  • Control and measuring instruments
  • Pumping equipment
  • Sanitary ware equipment
  • Bathroom furniture and accessories
  • Water supply and wastewaters technology
  • Heating systems
  • Pipes and pipelines
  • Fittings and valves
  • Ventilation
  • Air lines
  • Air outlets
  • Air cleaning
  • Components and equipment
  • Compressors and pumps
  • Air conditioning
  • Air humidification and humidifiers
  • Cool supply
  • Bath-houses, saunas and swimming pools
  • Whirlpool and massage baths
  • Controlled volume pumps
  • Materials for construction and finishing of swimming pools
  • Equipment for aqua parks, saunas and SPA salons
  • Water purifiers
  • Chemical components for swimming pools
  • Bio fuel
  • Biogas
  • Integrated heat systems
  • Water saving systems
  • Heating systems on pellet boilers and fireplaces
  • Solar heating
  • Solar cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Energy efficiency